Service Center

Data Wave has a fully equipped service center for Broadcast RF, Broadcast audio and professional audio repairs. A partial list of equipment serviced:

  • Andrew transmission line dehydrators
  • Broadcast Electronics FX-30/50/250 exciters
  • Broadcast Electronics FM1C/500C/FMi73
  • Broadcast Electronics AM1A
  • Burk ARC-16 remote control units
  • BW Broadcast FM transmitters
  • Cable Wave transmission line dehydrators
  • Crown D-75/150 power amps
  • Energy Onix/Bext Exciters
  • Energy Onix SSA500/1000 FM transmitters
  • Energy Onix/Bext 950 MHz STL transmitters/receivers
  • Gentner VRC-1000/2000 remote control units
  • Harris THE-1 Exciters
  • Harris Digit Exciters
  • Harris DAX-1 transmitters
  • Harris Z series FM transmitter RF modules (analog only)
  • Marti RPU-15/30/40, R-10
  • Marti STL 15C/20C systems
  • Moseley PCL 505/606/6010/6020/6030/6040 STL systems
  • Moseley SL9003Q STL systems
  • Nautel ND-1/5/50 RF modules
  • Nautel VS series transmitters
  • Orban Optomod 8000/8100/8200/9100/9200 processors
  • Pacific Recorders and Engineering BMX-II/BMX-III, Radiomixer, Airwave analog, Airwave digital consoles
  • Radio Systems consoles
  • Symetrix 528 mic processors
  • Valley 400/401 mic processors
  • Wheatstone/Audio Arts consoles

And many others not listed. Field repairs on current and legacy AM and FM transmitters are also available. We carry a stock of parts for Harris SX/Gates AM transmitters, Broadcast Electronics FM-A and B series transmitters, and several others.

The labor rate is $85.00 per hour.

All repairs carry a 90-day workmanship warranty.

Repair estimates are available upon request.